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7 . 5 . 1 Snowball            
Napoleon's rival and original head of the farm after Jones' conquer . He is probably an reference to Leon Trotsky . He wins over most animals and gains their trust by most important a very winning first harvest, but is driven out of the farm by Napoleon . Snowball authentically works for the good of the farm and the animals and devises plans to help the animals attain their vision of an democratic utopia, but Napoleon and his dogs pursue him from the farm, and Napoleon spreads rumours to make him appear evil and corrupt and that he had clandestinely sabotaged the animals' efforts to get better the farm .
  7 . 5 . 2 Squealer 

A small white fat porker who serves as Napoleon's right hand pig and minister of propaganda . Squealer could be an allusion to Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus under Stalin .  

Squealer manipulates the language to excuse, justify, and extol all of Napoleon's actions . Squealer limits debate by complicating it and he confuses and disorients, making claims that the pigs need the extra luxury they are taking in order to function properly, for example . However, when questions persist, he usually uses the threat of the return of Mr Jones, the former owner of the farm, to justify the pigs' privileges . Squealer uses statistics to convince the animals that life is getting better and better . Most of the animals have only dim memories of life before the revolution; therefore, they are convinced . In the end, he is the first pig to walk on his hind legs .  A poetic pig who writes the second and third national anthems of Animal Farm after the singing of "Beasts of England" is banned .
  7 . 5 . 3 The Piglets
Hinted to be the kids of Napoleon (albeit not truthfully noted in the novel) and are the first generation of animals in fact conquered to his idea of animal disparity . Four pigs who complain about Napoleon's conquest of the farm but are rapidly silenced and later executed . A minor pig who is mentioned only once; he is the pig that tastes Napoleon's food to make certain it is not disillusioned, in response to rumours about a murder attempt on Napoleon .
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