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Cain's explanation of his life 

Cain's own explanation of his life, offered just after the homicide and before his exile, proposes that he could not immunize himself against a central fear of skepticism: "I am awake at last a dreary dream / Had madden'd me".

Cain's apparently endless dream has a number of constituents, from the oneiric, and synecdochical, tour of the abyss with Lucifer, through an inability to make good sense of the rules structuring his world, and including sustained confusion about the ontological status of everything and everyone. 

This representation is one of skepticism from the outside, once it has broken down.
From the inside, it looks dissimilar, insolent. 

When Cain tells Lucifer, "I never could / Reconcile what I saw with what I heard", he anticipates this later confession.
The disjunctiveness of dream becomes a trope for the illogicality that keys his nihilism.

Yet his words to Lucifer also symbolize his posture in heroic terms: no other story, beyond one he could construct, could accurately picture the world. 

He rejects everything from the value judgments of his parents to the master narrative that accounts for the organization and texture of post-Edenic life.

He in addition tells him that he is, in Cavell's terms, where "Criteria come to an end," that he lacks any sense of attunement to a broader conversation about reality. 

That he is living outside the shared accords that otherwise work to animate dialogue between the members of his family registers in a variety of ways.


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