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  Esame maturità Inglese  
Testi della terza prova di inglese per il liceo scientifico.

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Esame maturità , Liceo scientifico su Inglese
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Terza prova: Inglese per Liceo Scientifico 1. Tipologia A: Trattazione sintetica (max 10 righe) A. Sketch out the new concepts of time formulated the early 20th century. B. Explain the circumstances that favoured the growth of fiction in the Victorian Age and underline the peculiarities of at lest one of the authors you have studied, focusing on his connection with the historical moment he lived in. Explain and justify the success of the novel in the Victorian Age, describe its features and themes, whether the wrtiters lived at home or in far colonies. Then focus on one at least of the authors you have studied and discuss his main topics. B. 1) Oscar Wilde was an exponent of the “Aesthetic Movement”. In no more than ten lines indicate the main characteristics of the Aestheticism and comment on how Wilde’s work reflects this statement. 2) “I wanted to write a chapter on the moral history of my country, and I chose Dublin for the shene because the city seemed to me the center of paralysis”. Comment on this statement by J. Joyce talking about the general theme, the setting and the narrative tecnique of the short stories which belong to the collection “Dubliners”. You can refer to one of the stories read. C. 1) The importance of nature for the Romantic poets. 2) Why do objects and events often take a symbolic meaning in V. Wolf’s novels? 2. Tipologia B: domande a risposta singola (max 10 righe) a. Thomas Hardy believed in the existence of Fate the presence of which is clearly illustred in his novel Tess of the D’Ubervilles and Jude, the obscure . Referring to the passages you have read and your general knowlwdge of the author, how would you define Hardy’s view of life? b. Which aspects of Hardy’s work (setting, characters, use of language, narrative tecnique, themes) are typically 19th century and which aspects are anti-Victorian?


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